Why iPhone is more expensive than Android?


When trying to buy a good smartphone, the first question is whether to buy iPhone or Android. Both have good features in their respective places.

However, consumers prefer to buy iPhones either by sending money from abroad or by saving money themselves. There are many users of Android phones in the world.

Even though there are many users who run Android, why are many people interested in the expensive iPhone? Why many people want to buy an iPhone? Today we are giving information about some of the reasons for this.

Good performance

Your any phone is completely dependent on the processor. Apple’s chip still performs better than the Android flagship.

Since Apple’s chip is customized for the iPhone, it provides a very good experience.

Since Apple uses expensive parts in the iPhone, it works very efficiently and quickly. Android also works well initially but after some time the phone starts hanging.

Android phones mostly use third party processors, so there is no customized experience and this is the biggest difference between Android and iPhone. For example, Samsung buys the Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm and uses it.

Due to Apple’s software and app optimization, it gives good performance even later. One can easily multitask on the iPhone and switch between apps without any lag or glitch.

If you compare an older iPhone with an Android device, you may find that the iPhone performs better. That’s why Apple’s iPhone works better than Android phones.


Android phones are used by many people, but from time to time questions are raised about the security of Android phones. Since the smartphone has no control over the Android software, there is a security problem. Similarly, if the operating system becomes old, cyber attacks can be easily done.

After some time you have to change the Android device for security. You can stay safe only if you update the software from time to time. If someone has an iPhone 8 with iOS 16, they also get all the same security features as the iPhone 14.

Malware or virus-infected apps are also available on the Google Play Store from time to time. Appstore’s security standards are more rigorously checked. Even iPhone is not completely protected from attacks, but it is much safer than Android.

Quality camera and image

Camera is one of the main reasons why users choose iPhone. Ever since the iPhone 5S came out, Apple consumers have been describing the camera.

Although there are many features and filters in the Android phone camera, the iPhone is the main choice of all consumers to get professional images.

Like most Android phones, there is a problem with audio lagging while watching video on the camera. iPhone has better camera quality, frame rate, audio compatibility and better image. Many content creators also prefer the iPhone for taking photos and videos.

Good design

Since Android phones come in different sizes and styles, it is difficult to distinguish which brand of phone it is. The iPhone has an attractive design, which can immediately attract attention. As the hardware does not change much, the iPhone can be identified.

Apple also keeps its design in a very secret manner, so that the user is curious about what kind of design will be made public. Users are also attracted to the iPhone because it comes in various attractive colors.

Apple’s brand value

Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Users prefer iPhone because of the good brand value. From the very beginning, Apple’s aim was to make the iPhone famous as a brand, not just a phone.

Many people want to use iPhone because Apple’s other devices are also famous and they also run on iPhone. Apple has made its brand so that any product will be sold as soon as you see the Apple logo.

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