The tax of Kathmandu Metropolitan City can now be paid from the pocket, this is the way


Online payment service provider company Khalti is now able to pay taxes of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. With this facility available, taxpayers will be able to pay the taxes owed to Kathmandu Metropolitan City at home.

Land, house, rent, vehicle, vehicle, business etc. taxes can now be paid easily through ‘Khalti’. Binay Khadka, Chief Executive Officer of Khalti, said about this service that it would be convenient for the residents of that area to pay the taxes and service charges to the local level online.

“Also, we expect that it will be easier and safer to get services from home during the current Covid-19 epidemic,” he said.

How to pay taxes?

Initially, the taxpayer should go to eservice and file all the necessary details and register his name in the taxpayer portal. If you have registered, you have to enter your username and password and log in.

After logging in to the taxpayer portal, the details of the taxpayer will be received. Tax will be assessed by choosing the tax to be paid. If all the details are correct then they can complete the process by selecting the pocket in the payment options.

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