Prabhu Pay users can now pay by scanning PhonePay’s QR code


Digital wallet Prabhu Pay has joined the PhonePay network. Phonepay and Prabhu Pay collaborated by organizing an event on Wednesday.

Along with this, payment can now be made by scanning PhonePay’s QR code from Prabhu Pay.

An event held at MNS Tower on Monday was signed by Divas Sapkota, Assistant CEO of PhonePay and Bikki Shahi, CEO of Prabhu Pay. Now 7 lakh users of Prabhu Pay will be able to make payments.

Earlier, Prabhu Pay users did not have the facility to pay by scanning PhonePay’s QR code. But with this agreement, users of Prabhu Pay can pay by scanning the QR code of PhonePay in various shops, religious places, hotels, restaurants and other areas.

Bikki Shahi, CEO of Prabhu Pay, said that they have cooperated to create a cashless and digital society and will continue to cooperate in the future.

Payment service providers like Iseva, IME Pay and CellPay, Khalti are affiliated to the PhonePay network. Now Prabhu Pay has also been added to it.

Divas Sapkota, assistant CEO of Fenpe, said that digital payments should be the first priority now.

Phonepay, which was established two years ago with the vision of Digital Nepal, currently has more than 550,000 merchants.

More than one and a half million mobile banking users of banks and financial institutions and payment service providers have been transacting through PhonePay.

In the period of two years, 60 banks and financial institutions have joined the PhonePay network. PhonePay is an organization that has received the world-renowned data security standard ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard’ PC IDSS V3.2.1 certification.

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