Electronic payment system has started in all municipalities across the country


Real-time payment and accounting system has been started in all 753 municipalities across the country.

Controller General of Accounts Sumanraj Aryal launched the local level payment system on Thursday. Starting the payment system through the local accumulated fund management system (Sutra), Controller General of Accounts Aryal said that since the Office of the General Accountant is the unified accounting body of the nation, it will contribute significantly to fast, reliable and credible accounting and reporting.

He mentioned that since information technology will play an important role in the government system, special initiatives will be taken to develop the capacity of employees.

The development of the system will add strength to maintain transparency, good governance, financial discipline and accountability at the local level. Payment will be faster through electronic fund transfer than through check transactions.

Gyanendra Poudel, the spokesperson of the Comptroller General’s Office, informed that it is believed that check clearing will take more time, procedural hassles for payment from check transactions will be removed, and it will be easier to provide effective services with less manpower. Rasas

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