12 Electricity bills can now be paid through wallets and banks, 5 rupees service charge on bills over 500


Paying electricity tariff online will now incur a service charge. According to the decision of the board of Nepal Electricity Authority, a service charge of Rs.

There will be no service charge when paying the electricity bill up to 500 rupees online, and a service charge of 5 rupees will be charged for the payment above that. But paying through easy pay will incur a fee of 4.80 rupees and paying through paywell will incur a fee of 3 rupees.

The Nepal Electricity Authority has also selected organizations where electricity charges can be paid online.

Now electricity can be paid through Kalti, Isewa, CellPay, Easy Pay, IME Pay, Pay Well, Namaste Pay, and iCash Wallet. Similarly, the fee can be paid from Himalayan Bank, Prabhu Bank, Nepal Investment Bank and Mahalakshmi Development Bank.

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