Mobile banking turnover is highest ever, 182 percent growth in 11 months


While digital payment literacy is on the rise, mobile banking transactions are at an all-time high.

According to data released by Nepal Rastra Bank for the 11th month of the current financial year, transactions worth 53.16 billion rupees have been made through mobile banking. This is the highest turnover ever.

The previous bank had a transaction worth 48 billion 887 million rupees in June. It has increased by 8 percent in one month.

Even if we look at the data of 11 months of the current financial year, there has been an increase of 182 percent during this period.

Mobile banking turnover in the first month of this year was 18 billion 839 million rupees. In 11 months, there has been an increase of 182 percent to 53 billion. It seems that mobile banking has continued to grow throughout the year.

Banks and financial institutions are starting to do mobile banking business. With the increase in corona infection since last one year, mobile bank has increased rapidly. Banks are launching their new digital platforms and adding new features.

Connet IPS increased, QR and Wallet decreased

According to the data of National Bank, in 11 months, the transactions of Connect IPS have increased, while QR-based payments and wallet payments have decreased.

In the month of May, a transaction worth 1 trillion 58 billion 254 million rupees was made from Connet IPS. In the month before that, there was a turnover of 1 trillion 41 billion 27 million.

Wallet transactions and QR-based transactions have decreased.

In the month of May, transactions worth 8 billion 35 million rupees have been made through the wallet. In the previous month, the turnover was worth 10 billion 106 million rupees.

Likewise, payment based on QR is equal to 1 billion 96 million 80 million rupees. Whereas in the previous year, there was a turnover of 2.52 billion 9 million rupees.

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