IPO can be filled through NIC Asia Bank mobile app


NIC Asia Bank has launched the IPO application service through mobile banking app.

Customers who have demat account, savings account and mobile banking service of the bank through this bank can apply for IPO open shares and debentures according to this service.

While the risk of covid-19 epidemic continues, in order to provide more convenient and simple banking services to the customers, the bank has been accepting IPO applications in physical form until now, henceforth, it has started the facility of applying through NIC Asia Mobile Bank without going to the bank.

Mobile banking users of this bank can apply by tapping on the appline share icon within the app. After tapping on the appline share option, you have to choose the company you want from among the open IPO companies and apply.

After that, the application will be completed after specifying the number of units you want and after confirming the details that appear automatically other than that, following the terms and conditions of the company and submitting it.

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