Meta is developing a new AI platform, which in the future could allow robots to perform complex surgeries


A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, posted about robots being able to do various complex tasks easily in the future.

While introducing Meta’s new AI platform, he said that in the future, robots will be able to do everything from complex surgery to smart prosthetics.

Meta’s AI platform is called Mio Suite. This will help the AI ​​to perform complex tasks easily. Using Mio Suite, AI models will be able to perform tasks such as pen and key rotation.

In the 24-second video shared by Zuckerberg, the robot can be seen giving thumbs up and rolling a Baoding ball. Zuckerberg said in the post that this research could lead to the development of prosthetics, physical rehab and surgical systems in the future.

This platform will also help users create more realistic avatars in the Metaverse. The Facebook founder also said that the platform will be open sourced to allow researchers to further refine the model. Zuckerberg has spent billions of dollars on Metaverse.

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