Elon Musk lifts Donald Trump’s Twitter ban


Elon Musk is going to bring Donald Trump back to Twitter. Some time ago, Twitter closed Donald Trump’s Twitter account forever. It was decided to permanently close Trump’s account after Trump had previously incited violence.

But now after the arrival of Musk, Trump is also going to come to the app. Musk has said that it has been reverse banned.

When asked about this by Trump, Musk said that he was very happy with the purchase of Twitter, but said that he would not return to the app and would focus on his own social network.

Musk’s idea was that there should not be too much content moderation and that the app should not infringe on people’s freedom of expression.

Musk is of the opinion that he should not do the work of completely banning anyone’s account permanently. Because of this, he thought of removing the ban on the former president of the United States.

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