200 Mbps internet speed at just 999/- by vianet


Internet service provider Vyanet Communications Pvt. Ltd. has modified its ‘Ultra-Fi Line’ product. It has modified its Ultra-Fi lineup with the objective of providing high speed and high quality internet service keeping in view the growing needs of the customers.

In the package under Ultra-Fi lineup, the customer has to become an annual customer at once. Vianet customers will now be able to use 200 Mbps internet for Rs 999.

Similarly, this package including Bhaya TV will be available at Rs. 1100 per month. In addition, customers will get a dual band router with an additional Rs 500, free connection and the first set top box.

Through this package, Vyanet plans to cater to the needs of both classes of customers seeking high quality internet without TV and IP TV service with its own internet.

Similarly, for customers who want to get more speed and more TVs, the company can get 250 Mbps with two VTVs and 300 Mbps internet and TV package with three VTVs at the rate of Rs 1250 per month and Rs 1500 per month respectively. Are

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