While using Facebook, Kedarnath discovered a bug and got a million prizes


Kedarnath Poudel, a young man from Pokhara, has been rewarded with US १ 1,070 for discovering a security bug in Facebook Messenger. After finding the bug, Facebook paid Poudel 1,070 US dollars or 124,000 rupees.

Poudel said that while chatting with his friend in the messenger group, if his nickname was changed, he would find out a bug that would go to third party.

“If you’re chatting with a friend in the group and change your nickname immediately, the third party will know the notification,” he told ICT News. At the same time, if someone else is sending a message, he also knows the notification. ‘

He reported the bug about three months ago. Facebook paid him $1,000 for finding the bug. Facebook paid an additional $50 for the long-term support. He also said that he got an additional $20 after coming to the Bug Crowd account. He says that by doing all this, he got a reward of 1 thousand 70 dollars.

He says you don’t have to know any programming language or read IT to find bugs. He said, ‘I am just a normal user. I didn’t find any bugs by learning any programming language or reading IT. ‘

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