Telecom’s Forge users more than 10 million


The number of customers of Nepal Telecom’s Forge service has reached more than 10 million. As per the details of the month of April, 2078, the customer base of Forge has reached 14.21 million.

During this period, the company’s 3G customer base is 94.82 million. Overall, the company’s mobile service users are 22 million 91 thousand 785, while the remaining 21 million 87 thousand 229 are customers of 2G technology.

In the previous month, i.e. in February 2078, the 4G customer base was 98.93 million 874 and the 3G customer base was 9.943 million 729.

Nepal Telecom has been expanding the Forge / LTE service from Kathmandu and Pokhara for the first time in Nepal for the first time in the year 2073 BS by upgrading it to the latest technology from September 3, 2076 BS.

In order to use the Forge service, you must have a suitable mobile phone set as well as a SIM card to run the service and must be in the area where the Forge network is available. By dialing * 444 # from your mobile phone, you can change the SIM to use Forge service as per the instructions, and you can activate Forge by activating the service.

To get the most out of the Forge data service that the company is currently providing, it is necessary to use a mobile set running in both 1800 and 800 MHz bands.

When buying a mobile set, you can know the MHz mobile set by looking at the technical details of the set. Similarly, when running a mobile, the network should always be given priority in the settings of the set

In the field of mobile internet, LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a state-of-the-art technology that can use high speed internet as well as high quality voice call service through mobile.

It provides high-speed Internet access, making it easy to use quality audio-visual content, games, and other bandwidth-enabled content.

As Nepal Telecom also has VoLTE in Forge, it can use high quality voice call service.

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