Manorath received more than $600,000 prize for discovering the security vulnerabilities of Facebook


Manorath Aryal, 25, of Palpa has received more than 600,000 prizes for discovering security bugs in Facebook. After Aryal discovered the bug, Facebook received 5,250 dollars.

Facebook offered a प्रतिशत 5,000 reward, as well as a 5 percent bonus. While manning the page on Facebook, he found the problem of notification going to the manned page without publishing the post.

He discovered the bug in December 2020. “I’m managing other people’s social networks,” Aryal told ICT News. I have reported this problem on December 24 after seeing it 2-3 times. ‘

After he reported the bug to Facebook, Facebook took some time to investigate further. He then sent a video of the problem to Facebook.

There was a gap in the middle for some time. In July, I reopened the case, ‘he said. Then on August 17 he reported that your bug has been fixed and is no longer visible to me. Then on August 19, Facebook gave the reward.

Initially, there was ambiguity in the video he sent and Facebook asked Aryal to send another video. Due to his busy schedule, he could not send the video again.

After not responding for a month, they sent a message that they had closed the case and could reopen the case if they wanted to.

After recording the video again in detail and sending it, he said that the bug was valid and he got the reward. This is the first time he has discovered a bug.

‘I’m not a complete hacker. I didn’t do anything buggy, ‘he says,’ because I do graphic design professionally and manage social media. ‘

He manages various social media pages and when he mentions any of his pages, he gets notifications without post publishing.

He also checked on his friends’ Facebook page that the only problem is his own. Aryal had reported the problem to his friends on Facebook.

He now plans to pursue Bug Bounty part-time. He is also in talks with other Bug Hunters in Nepal for more information.

Newcomers to the Bug Bounty area are advised to keep trying. He says, ‘Don’t stop running. The more you use something, the more problems you will see. If there is a problem with something, report it. ‘

Having studied management, he is interested in information technology. He has even set up his own company AIDSWORK in Butbal. From which he is providing digital marketing services. Apart from outsourcing, he has employed two people full time.

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