How does Pegasus software hack phones?


Pegasus software is spyware developed by an Israeli tech company called NSO Group. The NSO group is especially known for its cyber weapons.

Pegasus is a highly sophisticated surveillance software that can hack into anyone’s phone and monitor their activities. It can hack the user’s phone.

Pegasus software has been in the news since 2016. At the time, human rights activists’ iPhones were hacked using this spyware.

Apple then resolved the issue by releasing the update. Then in 2017, cyber security investigators discovered that the software could damage Android smartphones.

Google also released various updates following the search. In 2019 and 2021, mobile phones of opposition leaders, activists, activists and journalists from around the world were hacked using NSO spyware.

In 2019, Facebook filed a lawsuit against the NSO group alleging that it had developed monitoring software. The NSO Group has repeatedly stated that it will not be held responsible for any misuse of Pegasus software. The group claims to have given its software only to the government and not to any organization or individual.

How does Pegasus software hack phones?

Pegasus software features phone users not knowing that their phone contains spyware.

Hacking is done by clicking on a wrong link. This software can also be installed on WhatsApp voice calls by fixing security bugs.

Any missed call can also install the software. In this process, the hacker later removes the missed call from the call log.

Once the Pegasus software is installed, it can access all the information on the phone. It can access messages, calls, app activity, user address, video camera and microphone. Investigators also call it modulus malware.

This spyware can read people’s messages or emails, listen to calls. Can take screenshots, view browser and call history.

The latest discussion of Pegasus spyware

In 2021, Pegasus software is once again in controversy. It has been found to target engineers and journalists using NSO spyware in India.

37 phones using NSO Pegasus software, including engineers, journalists and two women. The victims used the NSO tool in 2016.

The 2016 list had 1,000 members, including 600 politicians, 189 journalists, 85 human engineers and 65 business executives. Earlier, Citizen Labs accused NSO Pegasus Software of hacking Al Jazeera journalists’ iPhones.

It has also been revealed that the mobile phone of Nepali Ambassador to New Delhi Nilambar Acharya was hacked and spied on using Pegasus spy software.

The list of spies hacked by the phone also includes diplomats from countries close to India, according to a report in The Hindu, quoting Le Monde.

The list also includes diplomats and ambassadors from Iran, Afghanistan, China, Nepal and Saudi Arabia in New Delhi, according to The Hindu. Pegasus has been accused of spying on more than 50,000 phone numbers in various countries.

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