Honda Anniversary phishing terror in the message, beware! Honda scooters may be tempted to steal data


Now a message with phishing link is coming on Facebook Messenger saying it is Honda’s anniversary. In the lure of winning Honda scooters, users are forwarding it a lot.

Lately, messages with such phishing links on social media have been going viral from time to time. But such messages are not real. This is a scam.

This is a ploy to steal data by luring users with rewards. So if you are also coming to Honda Anniversary and any other suspicious phishing links like that, don’t click. You could be the victim of a cyber attack.

This is not the first case of social media. Even before this, there have been incidents of phishing using the names and logos of various reputed companies.

How to avoid phishing?

The Telecommunications Authority has requested not to open suspicious emails from unknown persons or addresses, not to click on links and to delete or block such suspicious emails.

NEA has also asked not to reply or respond to emails, messages, phone calls etc. sent by showing various temptations or threatening threats including prizes, gifts, lottery.

Emails from country domains and subdomains not related to you should be deleted without opening. Similarly, do not subscribe to unnecessary mailing lists and if you have subscribed, you should unsubscribe. Details such as your password, OTP, bank account number and PIN code should not be sent by email.

Use antivirus on computers and mobiles and do not share personal identities including usernames, passwords, bank credit card numbers, citizenship numbers without identifying any website. Also, if this is happening on Facebook, it can be reported.

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