Gyapu, an e-commerce company linked to Bugby, offers up to $200 per bug


E-commerce company Gapu Marketplace is connected to Nepal’s first Bug Bounty platform Bugby. Gapu has been testing its system in Bugby since Tuesday.

Researchers can now earn up to $10 to $200 by detecting any problems with the Gapu system. The amount will be paid on the basis of security sensitivity, said Bugby.

Ecommerce platforms need to pay special attention to their security. Ecommerce’s Gapu Marketplace has come to this platform and told the hackers about the working environment in eCommerce.
Many e-commerce are open in Nepal now. There were reports of data leaks in Ikram and Food Delivery. Lamgade says more work is needed to keep his platform more secure.

So far, more than two dozen companies have joined Bugby for security testing of their systems. At present, 3500 cyber security researchers from all over the world, including Nepal, are connected to Bugby.

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