Today’s world and technology

Today's world and technology

Today the world is running in the 21st century. Today is considered as the age of information technology.

Information and communication technology is the aggregate of technology that collects, communicates, and communicates information, including newspapers, computers, hardware, software, networks, and the Internet. 

There is another side to where this technology came from and why it is needed, but now people cannot live without technology.

Most of the time of today’s generation is spent looking at the screen of mobile, laptop or computer. Whether someone reads, someone plays a game, someone watches a video.

Doing so does not mean that they are wasting their time because now everything is done through the internet. Whether it is talking to friends, relatives or working in an office, everything is done from mobiles and laptops.

Once upon a time, there were one or two phones in a village. I had to wait in line for a long time to talk to my relatives. Expensive fees had to be paid. Smartphones can now be seen in the hands of the general public.

One of the largest and most widely used social networks in the world is Facebook. In Nepal too, there are millions of Facebook users, a large part of whom are occupied by students studying at school or campus.

That’s why Mark Zugerberg, who invented Facebook while studying on campus, has become a billionaire today. Most of us are becoming poor, unhealthy and antisocial because of this. We are spending invaluable time posting photos on Facebook and accounting for likes and comments. –  From social media

There are many who not only spend money on Facebook but also earn money. Facebook has also become a good way to earn money.

It is only our narrow mindedness that we can earn money only by eating ten nangras in the evening and in the morning. Now they use it to stay at home and work at their own time.

There are ‘instant articles’ and digital marketing for the ‘Ad Break’ blog for videos brought by Facebook. If you spend money on Facebook just to post photos and like and comment, then you can be considered as not knowing how to use technology or don’t understand technology. Apart from Facebook and YouTube, there are also Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Imro and Tiktak.

The use of technology makes the work done in one day instantaneous. In the past, people had to wait in line all day to fill out a form and pay their bills. Now, such work can be done at home.

Robots are now able to do the simplest of tasks that humans do. As a result, people are becoming lazy.

In the past, one had to listen to the radio or read a magazine to find out what had happened. You have to go to different shops to buy goods, but now it is all done online. News of all times is on our mobile, we can read, listen and watch at any time.

You can buy various shopping items at home. That’s all there is to it and you can book car and air tickets online. You also do business online. Technology has made everything easier to do, and new generations are being drawn to it.

Development of technology in Nepal

According to the Information Policy 2000, the National Information Technology Center (NITC) was established under the Ministry of Science and Technology with the aim of developing and promoting the information technology sector in Nepal. The Center for Information Technology is moving ahead with an e-Government Master Plan for e-government. It has also been supporting the development and promotion of information and communication technology by managing, promoting, strengthening telecentres, developing human resources and resources, conducting research and exploration work, providing training and consulting and collaborating with other organizations and bodies. –  Wikipedia

Previously, all software used in Nepal had to be made in other countries. Due to which our data security used to be very difficult. Now that situation has come to an end. Different types of software are being developed in Nepal.

Earlier, it was not possible to go to school to get education. Through ‘e-learning’, students learn to study at home. The government has also introduced a program called One Laptop Per Child to make reading technology friendly.

The use of technology seems to be increasing not only in education but also in agriculture. There is no need of plow for plowing the fields now, and various hand tools for cutting paddy and planting plants are coming in the market. This situation is increasing.

Distortion caused by technology

Nowadays, if we have to wish a friend a happy birthday, if we have to pay tribute to someone, if we have to congratulate him, we have been giving everything through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Most of our festivals have been celebrated only on social media, which is why the splendor of the festivals is disappearing.

  Technology has changed the   way little grandparents are forgotten . Most of the parents have given mobile phones to forget their grandparents.

At the same time, the grandparents have also started rejoicing. If you just look at it, it can be said that technology has caused distortion.

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