Nasa Dangerous US missions, building nuclear reactors on the moon and Mars


The world’s most powerful nations are vying for space. In this regard, the American space agency NASA has made an important and very serious decision.

The United States has asked NASA to build a nuclear power plant on the moon and Mars. Accordingly, NASA is preparing to install a nuclear power plant on the moon within the next 10 years.

NASA, in collaboration with the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory, is preparing for a nuclear power plant to be set up on the moon. The project is called Fission Surface Power Project.

According to Sebastian Corbicierro, head of the project, the establishment of a reliable and high-energy plant on the moon is an important step that will play an important role in exploring the possibilities in space.

According to him, this goal will be achieved soon. NASA aims to build a nuclear power plant on Earth and send it to the moon.

The United States is conducting extensive research into solar and solar energy-dependent energy sources. If NASA succeeds in setting up a nuclear power plant on the moon, then it will also set up a nuclear plant on Mars.

Earlier, NASA had landed man on the moon for the first time through its Apollo mission. However, astronauts did not stay on the moon for long.

NASA now plans to send astronauts to the moon for a long time to perform various tasks and tests. This requires a large source of energy. NASA believes that energy needs will be met through nuclear power plants.

According to NASA, such an arrangement would provide energy to human settlements on the moon for a long time. According to Jim Reuter, who works at NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, the nuclear power plant will benefit planners of electrical architecture for the moon and Mars.

For the past few years, NASA has been exploring the possibility of nuclear fission on the moon. The project is called Kilopower, which is being researched jointly by NASA and the US Department of Energy.

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