Mahabir Pun honored in University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom


The University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom has honored Dr. Mahabir Pun Magar, the founder of the National Innovation Center and a Nepali scientist, in the organization of Biz Education.

Dr. Mahabir Pun has been honored for his contribution to the field of research, research and technology in Nepal and for his work. On that occasion, Dr. Interaction was also done again. Dr. Pun presented his work through video in the program.

Pun informed that the center established with the help of people and foreigners is conducting new research in more than 20 fields including drone, biomedical, agriculture, education, and health.

Officials of Nepal Education Council UK Vasant Nepal, Lekhnath Gaire, Ganesh Khadka, Krishna Khanal, and others were present in the program.

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