16 years old boy and 7 other people are arrested for hacking microsoft


London police have arrested seven people in connection with the Lapus hack. City of London police have arrested seven people between the ages of 16 and 21, according to a BBC News report.

The group’s 16-year-old Birchbach or White has been found to have made 14 million in bitcoin by attacking Lapus. London police have been pursuing him for over a year.

Recently, a screenshot of Microsoft’s sensitive data was leaked and it was learned that it was hacked by Lapus.

Lapus also hacked companies like Samsung and Nvidia. The hackers claimed to have stolen 190 GB of sensitive data from Samsung. The hackers also managed to steal the bootloader source code.
The leak also contained sensitive data from Qualcomm.

According to Lapus, they stole a terabyte of Nvidia data that contained schematics and driver source code.

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