Insurance policy can be purchased online by ‘comparing’ in ‘EB’, claim settlement in a few hours


With the rapid development of technology, areas including education and health are becoming digital. Technology-friendly services have become more widespread since the Corona epidemic.

Lately, the insurance sector is also becoming technology friendly. Everything from paying insurance premiums to purchasing is being done online. is also actively involved in the campaign to digitalize the insurance sector.

EB was established in 2015 with the objective of digitalizing the insurance sector. is Nepal’s first online insurance portal.

Insurance policies can be purchased by comparing insurance policies from ebeema By joining EB, all life insurance and non-life insurance companies in Nepal can sell their policies.

Currently, companies including Met Life, IME Life, LIC Nepal, Nepal Life, National Life, Jyoti Life, IME General, Siddhartha Insurance and Lumbini General Insurance are involved in EBIMA.

Roshan Prasad Gyawali, co-founder and managing director of EBM, said that EBM has a platform to buy insurance by informing oneself.

Although EB was established in 2015, its early days were not satisfactory. The company faced the problem of manpower from the license. However, EB, which started with the determination to do something in the insurance sector, has come to this day by overcoming various challenges.

“We have a dream to make the insurance sector digital. We have come here fighting the challenge of realizing that dream, ‘Gyawali told ICT News.

Ebima was licensed by the Insurance Committee in 2020. The main feature of eBima is ‘comparison’. It can be purchased by comparing the insurance policies of different companies.

From eBima, you can find out the premium, which company it belongs to, which one gets the most bonus, claim settlement etc. The rating can also be viewed on eBima.

He says that you can buy the plan you need by comparative study of the plan brought by the insurance company in eBima.

The company provides other necessary assistance to the customer who buys insurance articles from eBima from filling the form. A separate dashboard will be available for users after purchasing insurance from eBima. The complete information of your insurance can be found in the dashboard. EBMA is also working on insurance literacy.

Gyawali says the company is working to spread insurance literacy across the country. “We are spreading insurance literacy across the country. Accordingly, we are planning to organize insurance literacy programs ourselves by collaborating with various organizations, ‘he said.

The company also sends personalized people home if anyone needs to know about insurance. The company is also advising people who want to know about insurance by calling the office.

Agents licensed as agents by the Insurance Committee can also join e-insurance. E-insurance has provided the facility to sell insurance policies of all life insurance companies after joining.

A separate dashboard is provided to agents on eBima, where they get all the information about the insurance articles they have sold.

Now, after purchasing an insurance policy, you have to go to the insurance company for several days to pay the claim. There are many hassles for claiming payment. To solve this problem, Ebima has stated that it will bring a claim payment service.

Managing Director Gyawali said that the facility of claim settlement will be available in EBIMA soon. According to him, after the availability of this service, claims can be paid within a few hours from eBima.

Ebima is currently opening its branch offices in Itahari and plans to open in Butwal and Pokhara. The company plans to go into the market aggressively these days. At present, 35 people are employed in eBima.

The service of eBima can now be availed from the website. The company is also preparing to launch Ebima’s mobile app soon.

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