Ringage’s voice broadcasting system, which can give notification on thousands of phone numbers at once


Information technology company Ringage Pvt. Ltd. has unveiled a new voice based communication service ‘Voice Broadcasting System’. The service is being operated under the technical coordination of Vauxhall Pvt.

In simple terms, the technology of transmitting the same recorded message to thousands of phone numbers at the same time is called ‘Voice Broadcasting System’, says Regmi. According to Regmi, the service has come as a sophisticated version of the existing bulk SMS system as a voice calling system. It is also called voice SMS.

Regmi said the service had been effectively tested at a political party convention a few months ago. Candidates at the General Convention used this service to solicit votes from delegates.

According to Regmi, the service will be very effective not only for soliciting votes in the election but also for providing information about the products, services and activities of any company or organization, disseminating information about banking services and inviting people to worship and banquets.

‘This service records voice in any language and uploads it to a web application.’ Regmi adds, “Those who want to give invitations and information can spread the message in their own voice.” Calls are re-dialed to a number that did not pick up the phone. In the end, the effectiveness report is also available on the web app, so this system is very effective.

According to Regmi, the company has successfully tested the system by providing services to around 500 customers in one year of its establishment. According to Regmi, after the service proved to be effective in all kinds of tests, the voice broadcasting system has been made public for the service of all individuals and organizations.

It is said that the cost of one call including tax will be Rs. Regmi informed that if the telco reduces its tariff in the coming days, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Using this technology, various research, polling, customer complaints and feedback collection services have also been launched.

As this service is related to automated voice, the company plans to provide the service internationally as well. Earlier, the company had broadcast public messages in coordination with various organizations during the Corona epidemic.

The company has taken this step to provide immediate access to information to more than one person at a time.

Ringage has launched the service in collaboration with telecom companies. Established in 2021, the company has so far reached out to more than 70 districts. Out of which 92.76 percent participation and 99.56 percent subscribers are connected to the broadcast. The objective of the company is to create access to the same information among the service recipients of any company.

‘The geography and the nature of the mobile phone do not make a difference for the service of voice broadcasting system. In the context of Nepal, the use of literacy, language and technology is challenging. Susanta Rai, president of VoxCro, a maker of voice broadcasting systems, adds: Equally available for any type of mobile phone user. This makes access to information straightforward and simple.

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