Ncell Axiata Limited has been awarded ‘Telecom Company of the Year’


Ncell Limited has been awarded ‘Telecom Company of the Year’ and ‘Infrastructure Initiative of the Year’ category of ‘Asian Telecom Award 2022’. The awards are given in recognition of the company’s outstanding work and the establishment of an integrated data center.

Singapore-based Asian Mobile News started offering the Asian Telecom Award in 2003. The award program recognizes the outstanding achievements and initiatives of Asia’s leading telecommunications companies. The winning companies of various categories were recently honored under this award through a virtual program.

While the covid-19 epidemic was affecting every sector, telecom companies implemented various facilities and schemes to ensure continuous access to communication services to the customers and to stay competitive.

According to the organizers, the ‘Asia Telecom Award 2022’ has been awarded to the companies of Asia Pacific region who have excelled in the face of various challenges in the market.

Ncell has been awarded the ‘Telecom Company of the Year’ award for providing reliable services in Nepal and for its significant contribution to the government in raising public awareness through various mass media and its own network across the country amid the epidemic of COVID-19. Similarly, Ncell has been awarded the ‘Infrastructure Initiative of the Year’ award for setting up a world-class data center, which will be the backbone of the government’s digitization plan.

Andy Chong, Chief Executive Officer of Ncell, expressed his happiness to be awarded the prestigious Asian Telecom Award 2022 in two categories.

“This honor is a testament to the initiative and contribution we have made to the country and the people. It is also an honor to work against the Kovid-19 epidemic since 2020 and to continue our contribution to the digitization journey, “said Chong. I want to thank all the staff for their dedication and excellent work. ‘

The government has allocated Rs. Ncell is the first private sector company to contribute Rs 100 million.

Under its Professional Social Responsibility (CSR), the company has worked with the Ministry of Health and Population to raise public awareness for the prevention of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

In the field of infrastructure, Ncell has set up an ‘Integrated Data Center’ of world-class ‘Tier Three’ standard in the Kathmandu Valley, which is considered to be highly vulnerable to seismic risk. This infrastructure will contribute to reliable service delivery even in the event of an earthquake disaster.

This type of modern data center is the first in South Asia in terms of infrastructure development. This infrastructure is one of the major investments made by the company so far. It will make a significant contribution to building a digital future by supporting the implementation of the government’s ‘Digital Nepal Framework’.

Considering the impact of the Great Earthquake of 2072, Ncell has set up this data center in a more systematic and appropriate way to deal with disasters.

It helps banks and financial institutions, insurance companies and other companies to expand their data based business and provide reliable connectivity as per their requirements.

Last year, in 2021, Ncell won the ‘Axiata Senior Leadership Award 2021’, ‘Must Impact Sustainability Initiative’, ‘Best Overall Covid-19 Response’, ‘World Communication Award 2021’ and ‘The Social Contribution Award’. , ‘E-Health Solutions Award (Private Sector ÷ NGO)’ as ‘Merit Winner’ from World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), ‘Must Socially Responsible’ in ‘Global Business Outlook (GBO) Award 2021’ And the Telecom CEO of the Year Award and the National HR Excellence Award 2020 at the HR Meet 2021.

Last year, Ncell won the ‘Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award 2021’, the ‘Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (Association) Award’, the ‘Healthtech Award 2021’ and the ‘Sustainability Leadership’. Award 2021 ‘was received.

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