Why is Aryan running away with the camera?


Why is Aryan running away with the camera?

Aryan Sigdel, the chocolate hero of the Nepali film industry, does not want to appear in the media. Until a few years ago, when stardom was high, Aryan was media friendly. However, Aryan’s craze has been weakening lately as stardom has been declining. However, Aryan does not seem to be interested in interviewing with the media lately.

Aryan, who arrived with his wife Sapna Bhandari and son at the inauguration of ‘Shubhabastram’ on Wednesday, returned after seeing the camera. Embracing the host, Aryan returned to the program saying, “So many media have been called.”

Media persons were informed that hero Aryan Sigdel would also attend the program. As a result, media personnel waited for Aryan for more than an hour.

However, Sigdel, who has completed 70 percent of the filming of the movie ‘December Falls’, did not understand the meaning of waiting for the media. He is the one who knows why he is backing away from the media.

However, the habit of many actors in the Nepali film industry to be close to the media during film promotions and to pretend not to be close at other times is not new.

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