Superstar Rajesh’s ‘Huge Respect  to youth’


Superstar Rajesh’s ‘Huge Respect  to youth’

A few years ago, a subject of hero Rajesh Hamal was very popular. That is to say, Hamal does not eat ‘rice’. The protagonist Hamal himself had said that he would not eat ‘rice’. Even in the filming set, Hamal used to eat more fruits than food.

Similarly, Rajesh Hamal exercises daily to look fit. That is why the audience’s enthusiasm for Hamal is the same even after reaching the age of 50 years. Investor expectations have not diminished.

Superstar Hamal never hesitates to keep fit. He sometimes says, “When will Rajesh Hamal grow old?” This statement of Hamal can also be understood about his fitness. Similarly, Rajesh has posted some pictures on social media and written salute to his own youth.

Hamal, who is preparing for the movie ‘Satyam’, has written – ‘My salute to the youth’. What can be understood from this writing of Hamal is that his enthusiasm has not diminished. It remains to be seen what Hamal’s craze and enthusiasm will look like in ‘Satyam’, which is about to return to the big screen after 4 years.

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