Aanchal’s suggestion not to worry about your work


Aanchal’s suggestion not to worry about your work

Even after the marriage of actress Aanchal Sharma, the pace of music videos has not slowed down. She is getting success in music videos and she is also getting offers for movies. Aanchal is also preparing to make a film with her husband Udip Shrestha. Aanchal will also act in a film directed by Milan Chams.

As their work progresses in a pleasant way, they are increasingly talking about Aanchal, making trolls, or being jealous of his success. Anchal must have felt the same way.

Therefore, Aanchal urges her not to worry about what she is doing. She has also appealed to those who are worried about what she is doing to find out why she is worried.

Anchal urges her to worry more about what she is doing than about herself. Only he knows who Aanchal’s request is.However, Aanchal has tried to persuade her not to be jealous of her success.

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