Why is Elon Musk’s post going viral in China?


Why is Elon Musk’s post going viral in China?

16 October, Kathmandu. The CEO of electric car maker Tesla made a statement on social media on Tuesday. After the post, the Chinese have started a heated debate.Musk posted a summary of the ancient Chinese poem “Seven Step Verses” on his Twitter and Weibo accounts. Before posting the poem, he wrote “Mankind”.

The ‘Seven Verses Step’, which has a very symbolic meaning, depicts the relationship between two brothers of the royal family during the ongoing conflict between the three ancient kingdoms. The poem, which highlights the importance of relationships, is taught in all primary schools in China.

A summary of the same poem posted by Musk is trending on Chinese social media on Tuesday. How to interpret poetry is being debated on the network. So far, more than 100 million people have viewed his post.

Many have commented that Musk was mentioned in a tweet this week, referring to the conflicting cryptocurrencies named after the dog, Shaiba Inu and Dagikoin. It is banned inside China. But Musk is also known for tweeting in a way that has caused panic in the cryptocurrency market.

Musk may have agreed in a post to a heated debate with the World Food Programme’s executive director on Monday, according to reference news on Sihwa News.Musk, who previously had 1.9 million followers, has repeatedly praised China for its three-decade space program and economic growth on Weibo. But Tuesday’s post is different.

Musk, the founder of a rocket company called SpaceX, is gaining popularity in China. Some find it unusual to see his popularity rise as US-China relations deteriorate. His company has been operating a factory in Shanghai.

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