Who was James Addison Baker III? (April 28, 1930 A.D – 2021 A.D)


James Addison Baker III (April 28, 1930 A.D – 2021 A.D), American secretary of state (1989 A.D-1992 A.D), political leader, and public official. James Baker was born in Houston, Texas, and educated at Princeton University. After serving in the Marine Corps from 1952 A.D to 1954 A.D, Baker studied law at the University of Texas. Admitted to the bar in 1957 A.D, he worked for a corporate law firm in Houston, where he became a partner and practiced until 1975 A.D.James Addison Baker III played a key role in foreign policy developments in the late 1980 A.D and early 1990 A.D as secretary of state under United States President George Bush. Baker helped define U.S. foreign policy goals in the Middle East both during and after the Persian Gulf War (1991 A.D).

In August 1992 A.D Baker left his position as secretary of state to head Bush’s reelection campaign. He later became a business consultant. Baker helped manage the 1970 A.D campaign for United States Senate of his longtime friend George Bush. In 1975 A.D Baker was appointed the undersecretary of commerce by President Gerald Ford, and the following year he joined Ford’s reelection campaign. Baker made an unsuccessful bid to become attorney general of Texas in 1978 A.D, and in 1979 A.D he managed Bush’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. When Bush became the party’s 1980 A.D nominee for vice president, Baker joined presidential nominee Ronald Reagan’s campaign as a senior adviser.

James Addison Baker III has exceptional skills as a tactician and political manager were considered instrumental in the Republican victory. Serving as White House chief of staff from 1981 A.D to 1985 A.D, Baker was also a member of the National Security Council and a senior foreign policy adviser. He was highly influential in policy formulation and legislative strategy, and was widely considered to have masterminded Reagan’s 1984 reelection campaign. Baker served as secretary of the treasury from 1985 A.D until 1988 A.D, when he became chairman of Bush’s presidential election campaign.

Appointed secretary of state under Bush, he pursued the administration’s long-term foreign policy goals in the Middle East, particularly during the Persian Gulf War and its aftermath. In 1991 A.D he organized the first comprehensive Middle East peace conference.  Baker left his position as secretary of state in 1992 A.D to run Bush’s unsuccessful reelection campaign. Baker later became a business consultant.

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