Who was Francis Beverley Biddle? (May 9, 1886 A.D– October 4, 1968 A.D)


Francis Beverley Biddle (May 9, 1886 A.D– October 4, 1968 A.D), American jurist and public official, born in Paris, and educated at Harvard University. He served as the first chairman of the National Labor Relations Board in 1934 A.D-1935 A.D, and in 1939 A.D.

He became a judge of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Third District; Francis Beverley Biddle was named solicitor general of the U.S. in 1940, and from 1941 A.D to 1945 A.D Francis Biddle was attorney general in the cabinet of Franklin D. Roosevelt.President Harry S. Truman appointed him judge of the war crimes tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany (1945 A.D-1946 A.D).

Biddle was chairman (1950 A.D-1953 A.D) of Americans for Democratic Action, an independent liberal political organization, and a member (1951 A.D-1957 A.D) of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. He wrote the autobiographical A Casual Past (1961 A.D) and In Brief Authority (1962 A.D).

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