Who was Thomas Hart Benton? (March 14, 1782 A.D – April 10, 1858 A.D)


Thomas Hart Benton (March 14, 1782 A.D – April 10, 1858 A.D), American statesman, born in Hillsborough, North Carolina. He settled in Tennessee, where he studied law and was elected to the legislature.

In the War of 1812 A.D he raised a regiment of volunteers and also served on the staff of General Andrew Jackson, later president of the U.S. Afterward Benton established a newspaper in Saint Louis, Missouri. From 1821 A.D to 1851 A.D he was U.S. senator from Missouri, and later served (1853 A.D-1855 A.D) in the House of Representatives.

In the Senate Benton was a determined opponent of nullification. After Jackson became president, He supported his campaign against the United States Bank and earned the nickname Old Bullion by his opposition to paper currency. He wrote A Thirty Years’ View (1854 A.D-1856 A.D), an outstanding political autobiography, and An Abridgment of the Debates of Congress from 1789 A.D to 1856 A.D (1857 A.D-1861 A.D).

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