Who was Sam Bass? (July 21, 1851 A.D ‒ July 21, 1878 A.D)


Sam Bass (July 21, 1851 A.D ‒ July 21, 1878 A.D), American outlaw known as the “good badman” because he gave to the poor some of what he stole from the rich.

He was born near Mitchell, Indiana. He moved to Texas about 1870 A.D and was a mill hand, cowboy, and deputy sheriff until 1875 A.D, when he became an outlaw.In the Black Hills town of Deadwood, South Dakota, Bass formed a gang to rob stagecoaches, and in 1877 A.D the gang held up a Union Pacific train at Big Springs, Nebraska, stealing $65,000.

Bass, pursued by law officers, organized a new gang in Denton County, Texas, and robbed several trains in 1878 A.D. One of his followers became an informer for the Texas Rangers, and He was shot to death in an ambush during an attempted bank robbery.

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