Who was Jeremy Belknap? (June 4, 1744 A.D – June 20, 1798 A.D)


Jeremy Belknap (June 4, 1744 A.D – June 20, 1798 A.D), American historian, born in Boston, and educated at Harvard College (now Harvard University).

After teaching school for several years, he served as pastor of the Congregational Church, Dover, New Hampshire, from 1767 A.D to 1786 A.D, and of the Federal Street Church, Boston, from 1787 A.D to 1798 A.D.

During the American Revolution he supported independence from Great Britain, and after the war he advocated a strong union among the states and the abolition of slavery. In 1791 A.D he helped found the Massachusetts Historical Society. Among his works are History of New Hampshire (1784 A.D-1792 A.D) and American Biography ( 1794 A.D-1798 A.D).

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