Who was Blackbeard? EDWARD TEACH (1680 A.D-1718 A.D)


Blackbeard,real name EDWARD TEACH (1680 A.D-1718 A.D), English pirate, probably born in Bristol. He was widely known and feared for his robberies and atrocities throughout the West Indies and along the coast of the North Carolina and Virginia colonies.

In 1718 A.D the governor of Virginia sent two British ships to attack Blackbeard, who was spending the winter in a North Carolina inlet; the pirate was killed in the engagement.A British-born pirate whose real name was Edward Teach, Blackbeard ruthlessly terrorized and looted ships off the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia in 1717 A.D and 1718 A.D.

His nickname originated from his practice of braiding his long black beard. He also placed long, lighted stick matches under his hat in the thick of battle to illuminate his face, giving him a fierce countenance. Caught near the Ocracoke Inlet, in North Carolina, by two British ships sent to capture him, Blackbeard fought desperately until he fell with 25 wounds in his body.

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