Now you can watch your favorite news from Facebook.


Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is set to launch a ‘news tab’ on Friday. Facebook is bringing a dedicated ‘News Tab’ to its users, providing news from hundreds of news sites.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote the status and announced the launch of the News tab in the United States on Friday. From the News tab, Facebook users will be able to select and view the news of their interest. He said he had been talking to news publishers and journalists for the past few years about how to support high-quality journalism, adding that he was excited to announce Facebook News.

“Journalism is important for progress in our democracy and co-operation,” he wrote, “but the Internet has blocked the traditional style of news, so I believe it is the responsibility of key internet services to collaborate with news publishers on a sustainable model of mobilizing resources for such important work.”

Facebook believes that this effort will be appreciated and respected by the journalists for leading the society. In a short time, even Facebook users from other countries will be able to see the dedicated ‘News Tab’ in their app.

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