Twitter and tweet deck problems


The problem is not just your Twitter and Tweetdeck. Today, a frightening problem has appeared on Twitter around the world. The effect of which is also seen in Nepal.

Twitter users in Europe and Asia have been having problems since morning. The most common complaints are that media content and polls could not be posted on Twitter.

Some users are mentioning that there is a problem with normal tweeting. Some users are saying that they have not seen the last comment in their tweet. Some are even tweeting saying that the same comment was seen on Twitter of the old version and not seen in the new version.

A Twitter spokesperson also admitted that there was a problem with Twitter. Through Twitter support, he said the problem appeared on both Twitter and tweetdeck and that work was being done to resolve it. This has also affected Direct Message-DM.

Lately, such problems have been appearing on Twitter again and again. More than an hour ago, a similar chemise problem appeared on Twitter. That was when Twitter’s internal configuration changed. Twitter has not yet officially announced what the problem is.

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