Facebook bought the company that he didn’t consider worthy of a job for 19 trillion rupees


The social network WhatsApp is the most used messaging app today. Which was bought by Facebook in 2014 for 19 billion US dollars, or about 19 trillion Nepali rupees.

Even before that, Facebook had taken ownership of an important social network like Instagram. Facebook spent a total of अर्ब 4 billion on the photo-sharing app in 2012.

Today, social networks like Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat are owned by Facebook. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp from Brian Acton for 19 billion. Brian Acton was the founder of WhatsApp. Although he was the founder, WhatsApp co-founder Jane Kum thought.

Kum was born in Ukraine. Due to family reasons, he left his father at the age of 16 and did not emigrate to the United States with his mother and grandmother. He got his early education in Shobhiyat Sangh. Her family’s financial situation was critical. He even cleaned the grocery store. Meanwhile, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. The government paid for the treatment.

He used to buy books related to computer networking by saving money given by the government. After reading it, it was sold second hand. Somehow, he finished his elementary school. He then enrolled at a university in Silicon Valley.

While studying at university, he started working as a security tester in a company. Meanwhile, in 1997, he got a job at Yahoo! That’s when he met Brian. Joe is the founder of WhatsApp. He worked at Yahoo for nine years. While working there, he saved some money. Nine years later, he quit his job at Yahoo!

Kum bought Apple’s iPhone in 2009 with plans to do something a year after leaving Yahoo. At that time he used to go to the gymkhana. In the gym, it was not possible to make calls using the mobile network. Then he started using Skype. One day he forgot his Skype password. That day, he thought of inventing a new app.

His plan was to keep people connected to each other with the mobile number they had.
He consulted with his friend Acton on the plan. Then the two together created WhatsApp. At the same time, he wanted to work for a good company. Uniru also applied for jobs in companies such as Facebook and Twitter. However, he could not find a job there.

After Facebook did not believe in their potential, they increased their morale and started to refine WhatsApp. Meanwhile, some Yahoo executives have expressed interest in investing in their project. He accepted the offer.

With the money coming in, they moved forward, making their project more effective. In 2010, they unveiled their product, WhatsApp. Until a few months after going public, his monthly income was only डलर 5,000. However, within a year, WhatsApp managed to be everyone’s choice.

It even attracted Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. Kum didn’t have to look back any day after that. By 2014, WhatsApp had reached the pinnacle of success.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg himself sent a friend request to Kum. Along with the offer to buy a large share ownership of the company. He initially sold his remaining 20 percent to Facebook. After selling the remaining 20 percent of the shares, they left WhatsApp. Currently, there are more than one and a half billion monthly active users on WhatsApp.

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