The Government of Nepal aims to Provide Internet Services to 94 percent of the population in a year


The government of Nepal plans to provide internet to 94 percent of the population in a year. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has set a target to increase the density of Internet subscribers to 94 percent in the current fiscal year 2078/79.

In 2077/78, 90.56 percent of the population has access to the Internet. Similarly, the ministry is planning to expand 19,170 kilometers of optical fiber in the current fiscal year.

The ministry aims to expand mobile broadband to 72 percent of the population, access to digital television to 92 percent of the population and provide 72 types of government services online in the current fiscal year.

Similarly, broadband internet access will be provided to 753 local levels, 6 thousand 743 ward offices, 4 thousand 504 health centers and 5 thousand 801 community secondary schools.

It also aims to expand Forge to 50 percent of users in a year and expand FTTH to 377 locations in major cities and city-oriented municipalities.

The Nepal government aims to reach 94 percent of the population in a year
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