Press pass and other registration services will only available Online in Nepal


Press pass and online registration services are now only available online. The Department of Information and Broadcasting issued a statement on Sunday stating that the press pass and online registration services will be available only online.

It has been informed that the services related to issuance/renewal of press representative certificate, online media registration/renewal will be available only online from Wednesday.

Earlier, the department had been providing services even in physical presence. The department had launched the online service on July 25.

This service can be availed by going to the website of the department and clicking on the online service. By clicking on the online service, you will have to select the required option and fill in all the details.

Then you will need to upload a PDF file of less than 200 KB of the requested document. All the details should be submitted after filling.

Once submitted, the application must be approved by the department. After getting the approval from the department, only after paying the revenue from Connect IPS, you can get your certificate from the department or the district post office that suits you.

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